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Hey there. I’m Jenn (she/her)

I help incredible women entrepreneurs grow their businesses, realize their potential, and create massive economic impact – without burning themselves out in the process.     ​  ​

I’m the founder of Curate Concierge

I help incredible women entrepreneurs grow their businesses, realize their potential, and create massive economic impact – without burning themselves out in the process.     ​  ​

On a mission to help owners on a mission. 

My entrepreneurial journey began when I was a new parent. After negative experiences in corporate environments, I knew I would not have the balance I wanted for my life. 


I needed a flexible work option that fit my (dramatically shifted) lifestyle, and also supported me and my daughter. I found the traditional job market didn't provide what I needed, so I had to do it on my own. 

But, as an entrepreneur, traditional business advice didn't seem to apply to a freelancer model. Many required large investments, extensive labour to secure funding, and access to networks that just don't exist for people from marginalized communities. 


Many of my fellow freelancers had left their workplaces because they weren't getting their needs met as employees, and decided to try it on their own.


I heard stories of burnout, gross violation of rights and feeling of the diminished value of their labour for companies that weren't giving enough back. 


For my clients, many of them had left behind these same toxic cultures to start their own businesses and didn't want to recreate it in their own relationships and operations. 

All of them had this in common- they wanted a successful, profitable businesses, but they also wanted to sustain themselves, feed their families and change the world - while NOT burning the eff out. This brought very different needs for their growth. 


I have been building businesses and finding freelancers get flexible work since 2015, and what I eventually realized was this - together, we were building an amazing ecosystem of growth and knowledge sharing. 



Both the clients and freelancers themselves were building businesses where:


  • Time, energy and self worth were forefront. 

  • Talent, meaning and integrity are measured equally with profit.

  • Real human costs and social impact are central in decisions.

  • NO is a complete sentence.

  • 'I don't want it' is an unchallenged notion. 


 Together, we were doing it a little differently...


Our Approach to
Business Building

We are leaving behind hyper-productivity, angel investors, big bank budgets and 'old club' culture of doing business.

Our Sustainable Scaling approach focuses on simplifying systems to eliminate unnecessary softwares, optimizing automations and scaling your support to your growth, and your operating budget. 

We build your operations on your own backend - you own 100% of what we do together, and NO ongoing dependencies for hosting tech or large investment funds needed to sustain them. 

But our work together is where the real magic happens. 

We will spend our time together learning what you want for your business vision, and build the backend to make it happen. 

Our work together will invite you to:

Let go of the drive that you need to be everything and do everything.


Let go of the belief that being constantly busy or 'productive' is serving you.


Let go of the fear that your business will fall apart if you rest.

And let go of the idea that your time, worth and value are negotiable. 


Now, I know letting go isn’t an easy thing to do. It might even feel a little counterintuitive.


But we can help you build a thriving business that supports you and doesn’t require you to be tethered to your laptop (yes, it’s possible).

You CAN operate a business that are profitable and sustainable 

You CAN get your backend running smoothly to prep your business for growth

You CAN hire a team sooner than you think

You CAN create a business that drives social change 

You CAN build a new life for yourself - and support others too 


I work with owners to create the time and space they need to do their best work, focus on their health and get back time that they had been giving away too freely. I want to help you do the same.


Your business can sustain you, transform your life and liberate you - and others. And it can be done in the way you want it. 


I am here for THAT. Are you?

Our contributions to the
feminist economy

we are here to burn
that. sh*t. down.

Not only do we approach HOW to build businesses differently, we know that the choices we make about WHO we work with and autonomy over HOW we work can create an ever greater impact.


We use our collective power to take a stance against exploitative business methods. 

We create accessible work that allow people to have more balance in their lives. 

We seek like-minded flexible service providers like freelancers, Fractional Strategic Officers to get the strategic, professional support to grow your business without reverting to an extractive model of profit creation. 


Together, we are creating an ecosystem of fair value exchange and commitment to everyone getting paid equitably for their work.


We can say goodbye to the hyper-productivity pace and 'old club' culture of doing business. We don't need it. And quite frankly, 

We know that there is a better way. We're already doing it. 

We can scale and operate businesses that are profitable and sustainable. 

We can create businesses that are meaningful drivers of social change. 


We can influence policy and break down structural barriers for everyone. 

We can do business in a way that recognizes the emotions, attention, energy and relationships that go into this hard, amazing life that we live as entrepreneurs.

We can build a new economic reality for ourselves and others. 


Because you deserve to have a business that works for you- even when the current system doesn't. Because no one is free until all of us are free. 


Your business CAN sustain you, transform your life and liberate you - and others. And it can be done in the way you want it. 

I am here for THAT.


We are a queer owned and womxn-led, feminist organization and our mission to help empower womxn & gender non-conforming folks to make a positive impact in our communities. We believe in intersectional, inclusive, collective and transformational feminism that addresses ALL systems of oppression.

We recognize the structural inequity built and perpetuated through traditional hyper-capitalist business practices. For both ourselves and our clients, we approach business development through a feminist lens and anti-oppression stance.


We are advocates for empowering pink collar workers, safer, inclusive workspaces, pay equity and flexible work options.


Fundamentally, we unequivocally support all womxn, BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+, single working parents, neurodiverse people, sex workers, those with accessibility needs, and all other others marginalized by colonialism and it’s present-day legacies. 


We unapologetically believe Reproductive Rights are Womxn's Rights, Trans Rights are Human Rights, Black Lives Matter, Every Child Matters and stand for the basic rights and dignity of all. 

THIS VIRTUAL BUSINESS IS BASED IN TKARONTO, CANADA. THE TRADITIONAL and DISPUTED TERRITORIES of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. As settlers in this land, we recognize, uphold and support Indigenous sovereignty. 

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