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We've got answers. 


What's a Fractional Strategic Officer, anyway? 

A fractional officer is a like having your own in-house department lead. You can get the more experienced and senior-level support in your business as you grow, and before you are ready to on-board a team full time. 

Our fractional officers can provide a limited-scope service offering around your major systems, with oversight and reporting (Yup! You'll learn your ROI). 


Fractional Directors of Operations, Marketing, Finance and 'anything-you-want' can provide consistency and cohesion to your operations and your team. 

I have big questions about my business- where do I start? 

Whether you want a quick brainstorm, or more in depth planning, we have options. Check out our creative strategy & consultations in our business planning page

For comprehensive planning & systems integration, Our Sustainable Scaling Systems & Operations Package address a lot of the BIG questions around your business. We'll identify gaps in your systems, do higher level planning on key areas of your business.


Our focus is always on the sustainable management of your business' biggest asset-- YOU. 

How do I know if I am ready to start implementing systems? 

We get it – hiring is a pretty big milestone, but it can be tough to know when it’s time to take this next step.


Only you can know for sure when you’re ready, but if…

  • You feel like your business is holding you hostage and you can never take a break

  • You spend more time doing the work you have to do instead of the work you want to do

  • You want to scale, but lack the systems and processes to do so sustainably


Then it’s time to reach out to the Concierge.

What’s the difference between a Virtual Assistant (VA) and an Online Business Manager (OBM)?

Great question! While both a VA and OBM can help you manage your calendar and respond to client emails, an OBM takes this to the next level by assisting with more complex and advanced administrative duties, like setting up a CRM or sales funnel, managing ad campaigns, and financial reporting. In other words, we’re kind of like your business’ new secret weapon (or not-so-secret depending on how much you like us).

Who will I be working with?

Our founder Jenn handles all signature services. For larger projects and ongoing monthly support, she will be your main point of contact, but we have a team of assistants and contractors who support our clients with the day-to-day execution work.

What is the payment structure?

For our Signature Services, all fees are paid up front. For monthly clients, we charge a simple monthly fee for our retainer-based packages. If you are purchasing a premium subscription, then you have the option to pay bi-weekly for the packages.

Can I cancel anytime?

A great flow can take some time to build. For this reason, we do ask for a 3-month minimum commitment for our monthly retainer services. Towards the end of your initial three months, you will have a progress check-in call with our founder Jenn to review our work together and discuss whether the service package is the right fit for the business, or if adjustments need to be made.

How do we get started?

We love an action taker! If you’re ready to get started, hit 'buy now' on your preferred service and we'll take it from there. Or, if you have more questions or want to get to know each other better, head on over to our Contact page and book a discovery call.


If we’re a fit, then the next steps are:


1. PLAN & REVIEW. We’ll take a look at your current systems and processes to see if there is any work that can be streamlined, automated, or eliminated. 


2. BUILD. We’ll start laying the foundation for our work together. We’ll update or develop new workflows to help you get more done, with less time and effort.


3. GROW. We’ll get all of those important but time-consuming admin tasks off of your plate so you have more time to do the CEO-level work that will grow your business. 

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